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New Mexico Airport


New International Airport of Mexico

New International Airport of Mexico


Congratulations to the Mexican Government and the well known architect Norman Foster. They take seriously that new project, they have vision, produce culture, respect the environment, invest in the future, respect science and architecture. We will certainly visit this new airport, as soon as it will operate( the year 2020)…


Arriving at school on a bicycle


At Pierson College, Geraert Ter Borchstraat, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Nederland 51°41’59.70″С 5°19’7.84″В

Visit Greece

…our country, our beauty! Love you Greece…!!!

Fracthi Cave

Frachthi cave is a world famous monument situated at the wild rocky mountain ermionida_7

opposite the village Koilada. Excavations brought to light numerous findingsamong which the oldest human skeleton attesting its continuous occupation for more than 20.000 years. Walk through the beach Lampagianna, climb to the cave and enjoy the view.

The world famous Frachthi cave is located next to the sea, opposite Koilada village, on a rocky hill covered