Greek Home Market Among Cheapest in EU

06_MG_3041Statista, the online statistics portal for market data, reports that a home buyer in Greece can buy the fifth largest home for 200,000 euros in the eurozone.

Specifically, the amount can buy a newly-constructed 120 sq. meter flat that covers the needs of an average family.

The home bubble has burst, meaning that a new flat in the Attica region where Athens is located can be purchased for 1,650 euros per sq. meter as opposed to 2,500 euros per sq. meter prior to the economic crisis. Back in those days it was hard to find an apartment of more than 80 sq. meters for 200,000 euros. Continue reading »

Mansion in Porto Cheli, Argolis, Greece

039_MG_3929  No words to describe this luxury villa next to Porto  Cheli, Greece. Next to the beach, view to the wonderful and glamorous island of Spetses, designed by the famous Greek Architect Porfirios, take this tour and pleasure…



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Apartment in Aggistri Island


It is an island. Close to the port of Peiraias. It takes 35min to go there with Flying Dolphins ships. This is a real escape from Athens, the noisy capital. Daily transports  from and to Peiraias port. Quite, excellent view to the port. It is 100m2 with 2 bedrooms. You are going to love the sunset from the balcony…

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Σχέδιο Νόμου για τις βραχυχρόνιες μισθώσεις ακινήτων ιδιωτών

This is a draft about the new law relatively the sharing economy in the tourism industry. It is about, the private owned houses that are advertised and rented for short periods and by foreigners mainly from platforms like etc. (Unlikely, only in greek language, …for the moment)


Αντίστροφα μετράει πλέον ο χρόνος για την κατάθεση στη Βουλή του νομοσχεδίου για τη λεγόμενη οικονομία του διαμοιρασμού (sharing economy) στον χώρο του τουρισμού. Continue reading »