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More American Tourists in 2018

The U.S. State Department has included Greece in its top category of safe destinations for American travelers to visit under its newly created travel advisory system. U.S. Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt said on Twitter: “I’m looking forward to seeing even more American tourists here in Greece in the year ahead.”

Greek Tourism. An eternal journey!

New Mexico Airport


New International Airport of Mexico

New International Airport of Mexico


Congratulations to the Mexican Government and the well known architect Norman Foster. They take seriously that new project, they have vision, produce culture, respect the environment, invest in the future, respect science and architecture. We will certainly visit this new airport, as soon as it will operate( the year 2020)…


Arriving at school on a bicycle


At Pierson College, Geraert Ter Borchstraat, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Nederland 51°41’59.70″С 5°19’7.84″В

Visit Greece

…our country, our beauty! Love you Greece…!!!

New Hydrophobic Metall in research

New era with new materials are going to change our lives. We predict that 21h century will be the century of science. Faster and deeper human being will fall deeper to the secrets of nature. Next generations will live incredible adventures and discoveries. Stay tuned…

Why Bicycle?


  • Makes you laugh
  • Makes new friendsMake strong feet
  • Makes you “fly”
  • No pollution
  • No noise
  • No traffic
  • No taxes
  • No insurance fees
  • No parking
  • No gas
  • Against Global Warming

Urban Design


A sofa table and an outdoor living room at Porto Cheli Greece. It is very important, every structure be a part of the environment. We should live with respect to the nature, value every source and every material the planet gives us with generosity.

photo by Yiannis Kontos

G.Ktizein & football

Porto Cheli football team U18

Porto Cheli football team U15


We are very proud to support our soccer academy, Porto Cheli, Argolis for the year 2013-14.

Good work kids, keep trying…


G.KTIZEIN & Beach Volley

G.Ktizein and beach volley

G.Ktizein and beach volley


We are very proud for our support to the beach volley tournament in Porto Cheli, Argolis.

Almost every weekend during the summer days, the beach volley tournament taking place here. The sun is high, the sea is excellent, climate is unique. Many foreigners participates with their teams. For those they are interested please send email to: info@gktizein.gr  Do not forget to take your hats and sunglasses also…


G.KTIZEIN & Beach Volley

G.KTIZEIN & Beach Volley