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Tourism in the Peloponnese gains momentum

Tourism in the Peloponnese is gaining momentum, which is driven by the area’s upgraded infrastructure, the development of thematic travel products and promotional activities run by regional authorities.

Kalamata City, Photo: mythicalpeloponnese.gr

Ermionida, Argolis Photo: G.Ktizein

More specifically, the area was recently included among the 50 best places to travel in 2018 by the Travel+Leisure Magazine, along with Buenos Aires in Argentina, Marrakesh in Morocco and the Fiji Islands.

Record year for Greek tourism

Greek tourism is set for another record
year in 2017 with the country on track to welcome 30 million visitors. In the last three years, Greece has seen a sharp increase in investment in its tourism industry, which accounts for roughly a sixth of the economy and last year brought in more than €13 billion in

Over the next three to five years, more
than €4 billion are expected to be invested in approximately 200 tourism related projects around the country. “For 2017, the first signs of the market are positive,” according to a recent National Bank of Greece report, which estimates that the country needs some €22 billion in tourism-related investments over the next
five years.


+¤1.2 Bln in HOTELS
annually for 5 years

annually for 5 years

annually after investment

+¤5 Bln in RECEIPTS
annually after investment

Source: National Bank of Greece


Avoiding Capital Controls: Real Estate Revenues From Foreign Buyers Deposited in Banks Abroad

056_MG_4466The majority of revenues of Greek luxury real estate transactions acquired by foreign nationals remain in banks outside of Greece, sources have reported.

In fact, many of the Greek sellers are even prepared to travel abroad in order to close contracts and open foreign bank accounts where they then deposit their profits. A major motivation for sellers opening bank accounts when dealing with the luxury real estate market and foreign buyers is to avoid capital controls imposed on Greek banks.

Unfortunately that means that the money spent on luxury Greek properties by foreigners never enters the Greek credit system and only some of it enters the Greek economy, but is impossible to track back to its original origin.

After the imposition of the capital controls [at end-June 2015], the cases of sellers requesting that money be deposited abroad have multiplied. Of course such transactions are entirely legitimate and taxed in Greece, but the revenues remain in other countries.


Apple Campus December 2016

We are impatient to see the new campus finished.

We are strongly inspired from

  • the technology,
  • the innovation,
  • the vision of the company and…
  • the dream of its founder.

We can prove it. Check the links from our blog below:




Mansion in Porto Cheli, Argolis, Greece

039_MG_3929  No words to describe this luxury villa next to Porto  Cheli, Greece. Next to the beach, view to the wonderful and glamorous island of Spetses, designed by the famous Greek Architect Porfirios, take this tour and pleasure…



New Mexico Airport


New International Airport of Mexico

New International Airport of Mexico


Congratulations to the Mexican Government and the well known architect Norman Foster. They take seriously that new project, they have vision, produce culture, respect the environment, invest in the future, respect science and architecture. We will certainly visit this new airport, as soon as it will operate( the year 2020)…


Apple Campus 2 construction video – August 2014 – shot with GoPro

YouTuber JCMinn has uploaded a video showing footage of the construction site of Apple’s new offices – known as Apple Campus 2 – in Cupertino, California.

The 5billion$ project will include one of the largest photovoltaic arrays of the world.




The new offices for Apple have been designed from Norman Foster, a famous architect and his firm Foster+Partners

We have uploaded a year ago, a video about the new Apple project here:


More details from our source: www.dezeen.com

This is Engineering …and VW industry

Take a look what means Deutsch heavy industry…

…the greeks, we have to take the advantage from our partners. We need vision!

Architectural Faux-Pas Police

Αποφασίσαμε να εγκαινιάσουμε μία νέα κατηγορία στην οποία αναμένεται να πέσει γέλιο και κλάμα μαζί.

Την ονομάζουμε «μπόγια» των οικοδομών και πρόκειται να αναρτούμε φωτογραφίες από όλα τα απίστευτα και κακόγουστα κτίρια  που υπάρχουν γύρω μας. Χρησιμοποιούμε τη λέξη “μπόγια”, είναι εκείνος που μαζεύει τα συνήθως άσχημα αλλά γλυκύτατα κατά τα άλλα, αδέσποτα ζωάκια που κυκλοφορούν ελεύθερα στους δρόμους. Έτσι, υπάρχουν και αρκετά κτίρια. Σαν αδέσποτα, δεν έχουν πατέρα και μητέρα, έχουν προέρθει από τυχαία ανάμειξη, μηχανικών, ιδιοκτητών και άλλων

Rio Antirio Hyperbridge