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Apple Campus December 2016

We are impatient to see the new campus finished.

We are strongly inspired from

  • the technology,
  • the innovation,
  • the vision of the company and…
  • the dream of its founder.

We can prove it. Check the links from our blog below:




New Hydrophobic Metall in research

New era with new materials are going to change our lives. We predict that 21h century will be the century of science. Faster and deeper human being will fall deeper to the secrets of nature. Next generations will live incredible adventures and discoveries. Stay tuned…

Apple Campus 2 construction video – August 2014 – shot with GoPro

YouTuber JCMinn has uploaded a video showing footage of the construction site of Apple’s new offices – known as Apple Campus 2 – in Cupertino, California.

The 5billion$ project will include one of the largest photovoltaic arrays of the world.




The new offices for Apple have been designed from Norman Foster, a famous architect and his firm Foster+Partners

We have uploaded a year ago, a video about the new Apple project here:


More details from our source: www.dezeen.com

MIT Media Lab CityHome: What if 200 ft2 could be 3x larger?

This is real…!!!

…no words

This is Engineering …and VW industry

Take a look what means Deutsch heavy industry…

…the greeks, we have to take the advantage from our partners. We need vision!

MultiTouch Screen at MoMA Rome

Recently, i have visited the MoMA Rome Museum. This is a video how a MultiTouch screen works and anyone can see the plans and the history of this project.