Hermione Hills

An awarded project in Tourism Awards 2015, is seeking the chance to be developed. Twenty eight cottages with different layers, a gourmet wine restaurant, cellar, spa services, between the olive trees, for calm and meditation, is our dream. Hermione Hills is seeking to be the new project of G.Ktizein and it has to do about a new 5* hotel in Ermioni Argolis, with 28 rooms double, triple and suites and about 60 beds The land is close to Ermioni village, full of olive trees and near the see. Furthermore, restaurant, congress area, spa and gym, outdoor theatre, pool, animals and many activities are developed. The unit will combine the mediterranean field with the sea, with another project that is already being developed, Godai Seascape, a seaside beach bar and creative grill restaurant, just a few minutes away. Vision the vision is to develop an outstanding hotel unit, with specific characteristics and services that are innovative and pioneered. Highest quality of services, design and culture all the year around. Mission our mission will be to prevent to our guests high level of design and services with certain outdoor or indoor activities. He has to feel the experience of a different nature and luxury way of living. This is something more than just vacations. Three will be the factors for this mission. Connection with nature(country), design and operation(harmony), environmental friendly(green)
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