Greek Real Estate Assets

Greek Real Estate Assets seem to rapidly grow popular with all the major international investment houses worldwide.

JP Morgan proposes to its clients to invest in the Greek Real Estate at this given period. Indeed, the proposal seems to entail speculative characteristics since it considers that a Greek bankruptcy is extremely probable and chances of Greece being expelled from the Eurozone are estimated to be very high. Therefore, should a client buy in Greece with a mortgage from a Greek bank, it is quite possible that they buy in Euro and pay out in drachmas. Consequently, the buyer will have bought at a low price if compared to market prices of three years ago, while benefiting doubly should Greece devaluate its new currency.

In any case, JP Morgan underlines, even if the worst case scenario never occurs, the investment at the current levels of prices is considered to be attractive. So bank dealers are directing their clients towards this option, asserting that there could be double profit.

We are not yet in a position to know if any such transactions have already is taken part but it is very probable that they occur in the near future.


  1. Hi there,
    I should say that we have to wait the first 100 days of our new Government and see what is happening.

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