Porto Heli

Porto Heli is one of the most beautiful corners of Greece. This picturesque port town, with a fishing tradition, offers an idyllic escape to the eastern Peloponnese. Porto Heli's natural harbour is a safe haven for fishing boats and modern yachts. The lure of calm seas and a lifestyle close to nature are among its many attractions. Breathtaking scenery, beautiful beaches and fantastic sea views are nature's gift to the senses.

The Land

Porto Heli, situated at the southernmost point of the Argolic Peninsula, is washed by the clear waters of the Argo-Saronic Gulf. The town offers a tranquil atmosphere created by tall palms, eucalyptus trees and its charming port, a natural harbour since antiquity. But the fertile, green hillsides of the surrounding terrain represent an earthly paradise. Rolling hills, covered in pine trees and rich vegetation, gently slope to meet beautiful coves and turquoise seas. The landscape offers a haven of privacy to accommodate the lifestyle of grand estates, spectacular, villas offering stunning views and secluded beaches. Nature, however, spreads its beauty generously, in smaller ways, across the landscape. Step by step, every stretch of property reveals a unique charm and opens the imagination to all the possibilities for leisure living, everywhere under the sun, at Porto Heli. 

The Sea

The sea is sensational. Calm waters are ideal for cruising to nearby islands, including the cosmopolitan island of Spetses, just minutes away across the bay. Spectacular itineraries to small port towns on the peninsula (three, natural harbours exist from antiquity), secluded anchorages and amazing beaches, each, with a unique atmosphere, define the Porto Heli experience. Organised beaches on long stretches of golden sand offer every amenity, every activity. Small inlets, pebbled coves, rocky cliffs overlooking a deep, blue sea are perfect for swimming, diving, and water sports in clears seas of the Argolic Gulf.

The Lifestyle

Relaxed, casual, invigorating. Traditionally, Porto Heli is host to an international community of summer residents and yachting enthusiasts from Greece and far beyond. The town's lively atmosphere is both entertaining and culturally rewarding, with happenings, festivals throughout the season. Porto Heli is ideally located for day excursions to the ancient site of Mycenae whose great kings inspired the the legend of Helen of Troy, as well as the beautiful Saronic islands, Spetses, Hyra, Poros. The town is just an hour's drive from the ancient theatre of Evidaurus, where a summer festival of performances is held every year. Porto Heli is easily accessible from Athens by car, hydrofoil or yacht.