04.05.21Bioclimatic single family home

Extremely biocliatic house for a family with two children. 

14.07.21New house in Porto Chelli

Development of a new house for a four member family is studying and developing from G.KTIZEIN.

01.04.21New house in Ermioni, Argolis with detached cottage house

The house is consisted of the main two staired house with wooden roof and a detached cottage. Tha main house is about 220m2 and the cottage is about 17m2. The distance. between them is 3m. The yard, the main design element is the connection between the main house and the cottage, and fulfill the fuction of the project. 


05.03.19New Project in Piraeus

Planning, planning, planning... Stay tuned...

01.02.18New project in Ermioni, Argolis

In cooperation with Loci Architects, we will study and develop a new resident house in Ermioni Argolis...

08.02.17Meeting with the Enterprise Greece at 6th of February 2017


Enterprise Greece is the enlargement of Invest in Greece S.A.—incorporating, among others, the mandate of the Hellenic Foreign Trade Board—to a new and innovative outward-looking body. Enterprise Greece is the official agency of the Greek State, under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy and Development, to promote investment in Greece, exports from Greece, and make Greece more attractive as an international business partner. 

Enterprise Greece helps Greek businesses reach new markets, find new business partners, and become more competitive and attractive.

Enterprise Greece acts as a key creator of proposals to the government, so that a unified, integrated, and forward-looking policy platform develops, serving investors, businesses, and the Greek people in the most efficient and effective manner, benefiting economic growth, entrepreneurship, and employment. 

Recently, we had the chance to present our company's portfolio for foreigners investors. Furthermore, we presented the Hermioni Hills Hotel, a project of G.Ktizein Awarded for the Architectural and Bioclimatic Design at Tourism Awards in 2015. Seeking for worldwide investors we took this opportunity.

We remain optimists and focus in our vision. 

06.11.16Vila in St. Aimilianos

This private owned villa available for sale in our porfolio.



This company really goes high...

13.01.15Demolition of an old house

A demolition is necessary, in order for the new to come... 


The owners of this luxury villa enjoy sunsets like this one...