Quality of life

I am inspired by those people who “have” quality. I use the verb “have” as a set of words and concepts, such as: Live, Eat, Drink, Feel, Savour, See, Smell, Think. These are words and concepts in which the main subjects are the human senses. You can only accomplish quality by expressing these feelings. You achieve quality when what you do, is mainly because you Feel it. Then you must try to accomplish it, to want even more, to want the best.

I hate those people who “say” that they “have” quality. By using this verb, “say”, I emphasise in meanings such as Boast, Wear, Buy, Eat, all of which are subjects of human vanity.

GOUTOS KTIZEIN builds places to house the first type of people. Built by people, for people. With emphasis on the quality that we lack today. Firstly, we must make the quality known. Spread the word to tell the world it is there. There are people that can deliver this level of quality. Yes, it is possible to have quality. Quality is not luxury. Luxury is to buy cheap, useless objects, from a doubtful origin and method of production.

Cities, villages, homes, shops, all of these are badly or barely designed. We simply “made” them, which is why they do not stand the test of time. Firstly, we ourselves must learn, and then teach our children the meaning of designing the spaces we live in. What is studying? What is programming? What does architecture mean exactly? Every school should set an example in architecture; even better, for them to be used as field research, innovation, new ideas and applications.

Let’s start to live better. To want more.

We, in GOUTOS KTIZEIN, hope to achieve this.

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